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Heart beat (original oil on canvas) (large view)
Heart beat (original oil on canvas)
About the painting: Out of the unknown we emerge into our life's journey,
Equipped with pulsating heart, our source of life, our guide of living,
We are here to manifest life with our unique life dance, unique gifts.
Our heart teaches us the essence of life; constantly cycling acting & being; beating & pausing, here & now, never stops its pace, harmonizing with life's eternal amazing rhythm.
Are we life full? Are we following our heart by celebrating moment by moment life's exciting beating rhythm?
Is our life right now vibrant & dynamic?... self destructive?... randomly active?... depressed?... lifeless?...
We choose our level of participating, rhythm of beating, level of living,
And at any moment, we can choose a different, benevolent course, which will bring back the joy of living to our heart.
Heart beat (original oil on canvas)
38" H x 51" W