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Birth of a journey (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Genesis (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Family relations (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Here I am (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Dragonfly (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Dimensions (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Communication through dimensions (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) It might be different (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) THE CYCLE (original oil painting) (thumbnail) Heart beat (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Deciphering the Journey (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) Revealing Life (original acrylic on canvas) Three panel painting (thumbnail) Human Dynamics (Original acrylic on canvas) (thumbnail) The Junction (Original acrylic on canvas) Three panel. (thumbnail) Being a Woman (Original acrylic on canvas)  Three panel painting (thumbnail) The Dawn Of Clear Sight (thumbnail) Ocean of Consciousness (thumbnail) Mutual Responsibility (thumbnail) Point of view (thumbnail) I can see you (original oil on canvas) (thumbnail) The Human Circle - INSPIRATION CARDS  (thumbnail)
It might be different (original oil on canvas) (large view)
It might be different (original oil on canvas)
** About the painting:
From inconceivable dimensions we are created and evolve. Escorted by the invisible wisdom, yet we all grow, and see the world in our very own particular way.
But is the world really as we see it? Are we effecting the hidden forces which create our world? When we change our point of view at everything, it transforms for us accordingly in return. Yes, it might be different, here and now. We have the power to make it happen in our lives. We are longing for contact. We want to belong. We want to love, to live, and to be loved. We want to make a difference in our lives. Are we willing to do whatever it takes? To give it a chance ?
31" H x 47" W